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JSZM 2015 - The third official young scientists' meeting of the National Research Platform for Zoonoses - still on course for success

In previous years, Leipzig and Hanover were the venues of the "Junior Scientist Zoonoses Meeting" (JSZM) of the National Research Platform for Zoonoses in both East and West Germany. The 2015 meeting took place in the south of Germany from 8-10 June, more precisely in Oberschleißheim near Munich. In organisational and content-related cooperation with Prof. Dr. Manfred Gareis, member of the National Research Platform for Zoonoses and holder of the Chair for Food Safety at the LMU Munich, 47 young scientists from various institutions and disciplines were able to use the premises for the meeting. During the meeting Mr. Hendrik Scheinemann (GMBU e.V., Fachsection Halle) was elected as representative of young scientists in the internal advisory board of the Zoonoses Platform.

As in previous years, the 2015 meeting was organised on the initiative and with the collaboration of committed young scientists from the Zoonoses Platform. Both "old" and new members were actively and constructively involved in the design and execution of the meeting.

JSZM 2015 -1   JSZM 2015 - 2
The speakers were Dr. Georg J. Arnold (LMU Munich), Dr. Helmut Blum (LMU Munich), Dr. Maria Braukmann (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Jena), Dr. Holger Finken (DAAD), Dr. Jorge Garcia-Lara (University of Sheffield & Absynth , Biologics Ltd.), Prof. Dr. Christiane Herden (University of Gießen), Dr. Martin Hoch (LGL Bavaria), Prof. Dr. Dr. Mettenleiter (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Riems), Eva-Maria Springer (BfR), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Straubinger (LMU Munich), Prof. Dr. Gerd Sutter (LMU Munich), Dr. Ute Teichert (BVÖGD / Academy for Public Health) and Prof. Dr. Friedemann Weber (University of Gießen).

JSZM 2015 - 3

In two topic-oriented round tables and within the poster sessions, the participants were able to present their results to each other, discuss them on an interdisciplinary basis and expand their networks across disciplines and institutions. The keynote speeches on genomics, proteomics, the Bavarian LGL Task Force Infectiology, the link between research and industry, DAAD funding opportunities and last but not least work-life balance offered an insight into relevant career aspects for young scientists in zoonoses research. The motivational lectures and presentations on job profiles by established scientists met with a particularly positive response due to their inspiring and accessible nature. The speakers were also open to questions and suggestions from the audience, which led to lively conversations and discussions even during the breaks. The last day was rounded off with a moderated tour of the institute.
Following the JSZM, the election of the junior representative for the Internal Advisory Board of the Zoonoses Platform took place. Hendrik Scheinemann (GMBU e.V., Fachsektor Halle) was elected from among the young scientists present. From October 2015 he will safeguard and represent the interests of young scientists in the Internal Advisory Board of the National Research Platform for Zoonoses.

JSZM 2015 - 4
Henrik Scheinemann,
Junior representatives on the Internal Advisory Board 2015/2016

As in previous years, the JSZM was positively evaluated by both the young researchers and the speakers. The steadily growing number of participants since 2013 confirms the increasing popularity of the event. Among other things, the advantages of the venue were also positively highlighted. Prof. Dr. Gareis and his team deserve special thanks in this respect.

Immediately afterwards, the committed young researchers discussed the design of the JSZM 2016 and other activities for young researchers. One can be very excited about the upcoming events.
As in the previous year, the JSZM was accredited as a continuing education event in both human and veterinary medicine in order to continue to promote the One Health concept. In the spirit of a work-life balance, participants were offered free childcare during the conference.


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