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UN „Champion of the Earth” Auszeichnung 2020 geht an einen Zoonosenforscher

The United Nations Environment Programme's "Champions of the Earth" award is the UN's highest environmental honor. Since 2005, it has been awarded to people who inspire, lead the way and contribute to the protection of our planet and its resources. In 2020, the prize will be awarded in the category "Science and Innovation" to Dr. Fabian Leendertz, member of the Internal Advisory Board of the Zoonoses Platform and working group leader at the Robert Koch Institute.

Each year, the United Nations (UN) Environment Program selects the "Champions of the Earth". Individuals, groups and institutions are honored for their contribution to the protection of our environment and our natural resources. Due to the close interconnection of human, animal and environmental health in the sense of the One Health concept, zoonoses research also plays an important role in this area.

The award is granted in four different categories:

  • Political Leadership - Individuals or organizations in the public sector who are taking global or national action to protect our planet's environment.
  • Inspiration and Action - Individuals or organizations taking bold steps and leading by positive example to inspire positive change to protect our world.
  • Entrepreneurial Vision - Individuals or organizations that challenge the status quo to build a cleaner future. They build systems, create new technologies and are at the forefront of a breakthrough vision.
  • Science and Innovation - Individuals or organizations that push the boundaries of technology to achieve profound environmental benefits. They invent opportunities for a more sustainable world.

Since 2005, "Champions of the Earth" has honored 93 persons. Now, Dr. Fabian Leendertz, a researcher from the Zoonoses Platform, is receiving the award in the Science and Innovation category. The head of the "Epidemiology of Highly Pathogenic Pathogens" working group at the RKI focuses his research on the interfaces between humans and wildlife, the evolution of infectious pathogens and the ecology of wildlife diseases. (The Leendertz Lab)


Image: Dr. Fabian Leendertz, winner of the UN's "Champions of the Earth" award in the category Science and Innovation (Photo: UNE)

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Fabian Leendertz most sincerely on this award and are proud to have a scientist in our ranks who brings the One Health concept to life with his research work and thus also contributes to the understanding and preservation of a healthy environment.

Here you can find a portrait of the award winner Dr. Fabian Leendertz.

Here you can find an overview of all winners of the "Champions of the Earth" Award 2020

Dr. Fabian Leendertz 2020 Champion of the Earth - Science and Innovation

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