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Zoonosen - from a spillover event to a pandemic

The current issue of the Laborjournal is dedicated to virology. In this context, zoonoses must of course not be missing as a topic. In a detailed article, the danger posed by zoonotic pathogens is highlighted. What role do humans play? What influence do climate changes have? And why is antibiotic use important in this context?


The article in the March issue of the Laborjournal explores these and other questions. The journal spoke with Prof. Stephan Ludwig (University of Münster) and Dr. Sandra Junglen (Charité Berlin), among others, as well as with other experts from the community.

The full article can be found in the March 2021 issue of Laborjournal on pages 38-41. You can read the issue online here.

Cover Laborjournal 032021

Cover Laborjournal March 2021

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